Justice, Prevention and Reconciliation for Women, Minors and Others Affected by the Crisis in Mali (JUPREC)


Presentation et objectives

The Justice, Prevention and Reconciliation for Women, Minors and Other Persons Affected by the Crisis in Mali (JUPREC) project aims to strengthen access to justice for persons affected by the 2012 crisis, particularly women and minors, and to ensure that their rights are fully respected. It is part of an effort to restore peace and stability; beyond the consequences of the crisis, it addresses its root causes. In order to make a lasting contribution to the respect of the human rights of Malians, which were seriously violated during the crisis, actions are being carried out on three complementary fronts: justice, prevention and reconciliation.



So far: 

  • Almost 50,000 persons were reached by awareness-raising activities on gender-based violence (GBV); 
  • close to 3,000 persons benefited from legal aid services;
  • a draft law against gender-based violence (GBV) has been submitted to the Minister for the Advancement of Women and the National Programme to Combat the Practice of Excision;
  • 80 women, victims of the armed conflict, are represented by lawyers in emblematic cases of human rights violations before national and international bodies; 
  • civil society organizations have established sustainable anti-corruption mechanisms, such as communities of practice on fighting corruption and the Youth Week against Corruption; 
  • 28 peace committees were set up at municipal level, to contribute to the prevention and the management of community conflicts;
  • a national survey conducted among 3,880 victims of the armed conflict provided a clear picture of the conflict and its impact on women, girls and other vulnerable people.

Local partners

Association des femmes africaines pour la recherche et le développement (AFARD)

Association des juristes maliennes (AJM)

Association pour le progrès et la défense des droits des femmes (APDF)

Association du Sahel d’aide à la femme et à l’enfance (ASSAFE)

Association Subaahi Gumo (ASG)

Avocats sans frontières Mali (ASFM)

Coalition malienne des défenseurs des droits humains (COMADDH)

Collectif Cri de Cœur (CCC)

Éduquer, Former les Femmes un Appui au Développement (EFFAD)

Environnement et développement Tiers-Monde (ENDA)

Groupe pivot / Droits et citoyenneté des femmes (GP/DCF)

Groupe de recherche d’étude de formation femme-action (GREFFA)

Observatoire des droits de la femme et de l’enfant (ODEF)

Tribune des jeunes pour le droit au Mali (TRIJEUD)

Université des sciences juridiques et politiques de Bamako

Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF)

Canadian partners

Centre d'études et de coopération internationale (CECI)

École nationale d'administration publique

Financial partner

Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Thanks to our partners without borders

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