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Are you a company, a law firm, a cooperative, or an organization intrigued by the experience of international cooperation?

Is defending and raising awareness of respect for human rights a core value for you?

Good news! There are a multitude of options open to you to help make access to justice and legal representation a reality.


The working relationships that we have developed since the early days of Lawyers Without Borders Canada are incredibly varied and have enabled us, each in their own way, to build the solid foundations that today make us a visible and credible collaborative organization recognized throughout the world.

Here's how you can help us provide legal support to victims of human rights violations and thus bring about concrete changes in countries recovering from conflict:


  • Legal services - government affairs
  • Legal services - labour law
  • Legal services - intellectual property and corporate
  • Communications, public relations, and government affairs
  • Translation and proofreading
  • Graphic design and web development
  • Information technologies
  • Strategic planning
  • Legal research
  • Human resources



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Together, we will find a solution that meets our respective and mutual needs and that enables you to improve your organization's visibility in a positive way.


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